Skincare masks - more than just a Sunday treat

We all love a good hashtag and #selfcaresunday is one that every babe loves. A dreamy scrub, a mask, an oil ahhh but reserving this skincare to a one day event can be less effective than using them regularly. Regular exfoliation and hydration keeps skin ageless and dewy and well just amazing and makes all your other skincare work even better. A  skincare ritual is one that can fit into every day...into the rush hour into the late nights without feeling hassled or stressed. We developed our skincare masks around this philosophy of loving your skin (and the planet) every day and not just for a special event. Our La La Lit and Dew Star masks are mega powerful exfoliating masks for glow and resurfacing that work fast - only 1-2 minutes. Yes really. It was hard to accomplish but worth it just like the skin results you will get. We also wanted to create a skincare mask that would hydrate your skin night + day, could be used EVERY single day and that was also intensely anti-aging (like that supernatural goddess you can't believe it's happening look you will see your skin plumper, dewier, more lifted...cancel that botox appointment babe). Walking down that runway - No Bunnies. Our very first product and now our iconic mask. Made with sustainable (and out of this world skincare effectiveness) Azulene and Hematite - it is the fountain of youth babes. You can apply it every night before bed and any time during the day. No need to rinse. Our superstar trio of masks is built for treating your skin every day like a Sunday babes. Cause we should feel special, kind and good every single day. Period. Message us to let us know what you would LOVE to read about in our Stevie Blog cause this blog is for you babes. Stevie Love Xx