La La Lit Power Glow Mask

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Facelift in a jar better than $$$$ chemical peel she's legit. It's our 1 minute exfoliating magic - babe it's that easy + fast cause who wants to wait to glow. Banana made. The perfect enzymatic exfoliation for a peel and lift effect without the downtime or a spa. Gentle (and yummy smells like a pina colada) enough to use every other day for non-sensitive skin as made with out hydrating banana (antioxidant magic) smoothie base to reveal smooth bright skin that is dewy fresh. Kiss your scars, hyper-pig and fine lines buh-by. 

dew it: For sensitive skin do a test patch first and only use for 1 minute once or twice per week. For non-sensitive skin, use up to 2 minutes every other day. 

ingredients: Banana Fruit Puree, Salicylic Acid, Grape Skin Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, Bilberry, Orange Peel, Papain from Mount Papaya, Green Tea Extract, Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Carrot Root Extract, Lactic Acid (Corn Extracted)

*2 ounce/4 ounce